What is Baby Savvy? Baby Savvy is a parent coaching program, available for license to hospitals and health care providers. Created in 2008, Baby Savvy is the first {and only} program of it’s kind. 

Who is Baby Savvy for?  Baby Savvy is ideal for hospitals and healthcare providers who offer obstetric and pediatric services, value patient education, understand that practical-life support is an important and needed extension of great medical care for new parents, and those looking to elevate their practice or facility above all others through a unique and one-of-a-kind program, but do not have the time or experience to create a program on their own. 

What topics does the Program cover? Baby Savvy is a non-medical program which helps new parents and growing families make smart decisions on important topics such as: Baby Gear Trends and Safety, Dad Prep, Preparing for Multiples, Preparing for Family Leave, Bonding with Baby, Sibling Preparation, Nursery Function Design, Weighing Childcare Options, Preparing for Family Leave, Shared Parenting, Postpartum Depression Awareness and so much more. 

What does the Program come with? Consulting, Project Plans, Complete Launch Ready Classes, Expert Created Content, Staff Training, Marketing and more. {See complete list of deliverables here}

How much support do you provide? We provide complete consulting and support to the degree you want and need.  Some clients choose to self-implement while others prefer to work closely with us to develop their unique Baby Savvy program. We meet with all clients in the initial stages of licensing and delivery to be sure you’re off to a great, clear start. 

Custom Branding?  We encourage you to brand your program uniquely. 

Is Baby Savvy Customizable? Customization increases with the level of program you select 

What about project management support? Project plans can be managed completely in-house or with the help of our project manager. Project plans are provided for each step through implementation and launch. 

What Program marketing is included? Complete marketing components are provided including sample copy, campaigns, consumer education and consulting. In addition, we are available to manage your launch marketing campaigns for the first 6 months. 

How long does it take to launch a Baby Savvy Program? The average program takes 30-60 days to launch, after contracting and delivery but can be marketed well in advance. 

How many meetings are needed to launch my program? We typically meet with client teams for 2 consulting meetings to help you get off to a great start. 

How to I receive delivery of my Program? Baby Savvy is delivered through digital documents and files to seamlessly walk you through implementation and launch. 

Want a Baby Savvy Program but you’re not the “decision maker”?  No problem! We commonly meet with share holders via phone conference and present the Baby Savvy program to necessary decision makers through an online presentation. This streamlines the process, assures all questions are addressed, takes the pressure off of you, and get’s everyone super excited about the benefits of Baby Savvy for multiple departments. 

What else can you help us with? In addition to Baby Savvy, we consult regarding development of additional programs including, NICU Greening, Concierge Pregnancy Services, Custom Classes and Custom Content Creation.